Your Tailor-made WordPress Website — 3 Steps

Please contact us directly with any questions or feedback.

Step 1 — Submit the non-refundable deposit of $975

Use the shopping cart to buy WordPress Website and ENFOLD Theme (down payment). Thank you.

Step 2 — Website Questionnaire

Step 3 — Provide Logo, Images and Copy

First — Logo. (should be vector graphic—.ai .pdf or .eps). Type treatment is included if you do not have a logo.

Second — Images. You should have a professional photographer take images of your team and capture the essence of your group. Otherwise, you need a friend with a good Nikon (top-quality camera/lens only), and the ability to set up and frame the shots. This will be best for your brand. Do not send poor quality images.

Please be prepared to provide the following images: (.jpg files via Dropbox or Google Drive)

  1. 5 images for the home page slider at 1600px wide x 900px high (please specify which images go in the home page slider).
  2. 5-20 images of you in action (as on the demo site). These should be large images — they should be a minimum of 1600px long or wide, at either of the two standard aspect ratios (16:9 or 4:3), b&w or color.
  3. Portraits of your team — should be square at 600px wide x 600px high. The images should be framed (as on the demo site), and should include face and upper torso or shoulders, with space above the head.

Third — Copy. (Hang in there. Almost home!)

We’ll need the following copy: (send as .pdf .doc. or in an email)

  1. Mission and Values Statement. What do you feel is the purpose of your work? — 2-10 sentences.
  2. Services Content. What are the various modalities that you practice? Provide a list that includes: name of service, description of service, location of service, length of service, price of service and image for service if available — 2-10 sentences each.
  3. Products Content. What are your physical or virtual products? Provide a complete products list that includes: name of product, description of product, price of product and image of product if available — 2-10 sentences each.
  4. Events Content. Are you hosting any events this year? Provide a list that includes: date, time, location, name of event, description of event, price of event and image for event if available — 2-10 sentences each.
  5. Practitioner Profile(s). Include background, education, experience, teachers. — 2-10 sentences each.
  6. Testimonials — 6-10 sentences.

That’s all we need to complete your website.

Once we have received your deposit, questionnaire, and content (steps 1-3 above), we will assign a developer to manage your project.
The web developer will contact you personally and take you through the process.
The timeline to finish is 6 months.

If you are having trouble providing any of the above content, please contact us.

Changes, Revisions and Additional Services

After the initial build, you will receive one round of revisions limited to 3 hours. Any additional revisions will be charged hourly at the rate of $85/hour.

We are able to provide this website at a savings of almost 50% off a value of $3200 because the pages and layouts are created in advance. In addition to adding your copy, images, colors, logos and fonts, we will customize the site to an extent during the build by moving image and copy blocks, and switching menu items. 

After the 3 hours, you will be billed for extra charges at a rate of $85/hour for the following: Revisions; Additional pages; Additional menu items; Image editing and cropping; Style changes; Patterned backgrounds; Copy editing.

We can set-up the following installed plug-ins at a rate of $85/hour: SEO configuration; MailChimp; Language setup.

We offer the following additional services at a rate of $85/hour: Logo design; Branding; Business card layouts; Placing logos on your social media; Copy writing; Email newsletter templates; List management; Email set up; Website migration; Website maintenance.

You will be notified if you are about to incur extra charges. It is not our intention to charge you extra but we will need you to be organized, and we want to encourage you to take the reigns of the website to make your own updates.

Training Videos

Take the reigns. There is a set of easy to understand training videos on youTube that will walk you through WordPress and the Premium theme. Got get it. Vids here.

Additional Payments

After the original down payment of $975, one additional payment of $975 is due when the website launches.

Once the final payment is made you will be given all the passwords for your hosting and to your WordPress backend.